Heat gun settings

Hi guys,

After watching TronicsFix videos, I was wondering what temp and air flow setting is used when removing analogue sticks from Xbox elite, and Scuf PS4 controllers.


I’ve used anywhere from 800F to 1100F. Airflow on my Hakko is at 3.

I wanted to know what setting and nozzle to use on my Hot Air station for removing HDMI ports?
I have a Weller 900 and I am having trouble removing ports. I can do it but it takes at minimum 10 minutes and I have an even tougher time removing the solder from the holes.
So, where should I place the dials on my station?

Hey Chicago, I have found being on the hotter side to be better. You’ll want to take your temp to atleast 500C if not a little bit more. Otherwise it will take absolutely a long time. Airflow usually can stay around 3-4. Try that out!

Awesome, thanks for the suggestion.
I usually just put both all the way up, but I was told that the air should come down.