Help identify capacitor(?) near M92 chip on switch LITE please

Hi repair guys ! I’m a big newbie… so do you know what is this component by the SWITCH LITE M92T36 and its specifications ?
I think its a 0402 capacitor but i can’t be sure (sorry for the flux mess, btw any tips for cleaning a whole lot of flux mess ?
If you help me you will have my eternal gratitude !

likely that is the 1uF_20v_0402 cap

Hi ! I’m very thankfull for your response ! :slight_smile:
What is the degree of confidence you have on this ? And do you have an aliexpress page/link to recommend ?

So i looked up on Aliexpress and 0402 20v doesn’t exist it seems… I only see 6.3v, 10v, 16v, which one did you mean ?

If you are looking for a cap ensure that the voltage rating is higher than the voltage on the line the cap should be used. This line has aprox 15V if the original charger is plugged in. So 16V is a bit too close → next step is 25V. Your choice should be 0402 1uF 25V.

Flux mess could be removed with a bit of heat and IPA and a cotton swab or an old tooth brush.
The heat softens the flux again and with IPA it should be easy to wipe/brush it from the board.

Thank you very much Calvin, so could i know where do you find this information for the m92 ?

Oh and why is there some caps that says a particular voltage like 6.3V but others indicate a whole range like 6.3v-50v ??
Is there a big différence ? Is it safe to pick the wide range one ?

There is a datasheets for this ic:

The voltage rating for this caps is the max voltage the cap should see. Or better never see. So if the voltage at the line is below the caps rating, it is ok.

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So as long a the capacitor voltage limit is higher than the job it’s ok, got it.
Thank you very much Calvin