Help Identify SMD chip from MSI GF65 slim

I’m repairing a MSI GF35 Thin. Th main power rail was shorted. Tracked it down to this tiny chip. Scratched it while removing it. Bu t I still can’t seem to find it online. Any help would be appreciated.

Still no luck identifying it. It seems to be this package design and maybe a step down converter?



you basically have to identify the package first, in this case it may be a standard package but the central ground pad on your IC is very specific and is likely only used by one manufacturer (which will help you narrow this down) so break out the calipers and measure it and see which package it best correlates with

This is just one example, but if there is Inductors nearby then you can pretty well say it’s power related in some capacity, so either buck/boost/reg or fet etc etc and can further narrow things down

Once you’ve identified the package, manufacturer, IC type etc you go through every single data sheet from that manufacturer by package type and skip to the part markings section to positively ID the component (this could be in the 100’s I’m afraid) - one digit or more may represent a date code, or batch etc etc

Clues: often times manufacturers will play a loyalty game to reduce BOM costs, so for example if you see a TI part nearby then the odds of the next IC being a TI part is increased (due to bulk discount) this isn’t always the case mind and it really depends but it’s fairly common to see

And then Job done :+1:

Sorry wish i knew the part off by hand but it’s typical unfortunately and the above is usually what I’ve gotta do. Good luck.

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Monolithic Power Systems
MPS NB685GQ QFN-16 3x3 step-down converter


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Thank you so much Calvin. PM me your Paypal or CashApp for a finders fee :grinning: