Help identifying component "BPGP"

Hi guys. Does anyone know what Ic is that? Model

The marking looks like MPS. But with marking “BPG” is no step-down-converter to find.
Maybe produced exclusive for MS, like the powerstage ics.

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Do you have some calipers to measure the IC in question (w, l, h), this will help determine package type and if we know the package type it’s far easier to find the part in question (or an equivelent) - Also the voltage present on the inductor (at the other identical part) which will give us an approximate output value. (and/or the voltage at your problem IC output if anyone can check for you)

Based on the circuit arrangement (and surrounding components) it’s obviously regulation related, would imagine the voltage output at both [identical IC’s] is different, perhaps set by a resistor :thinking:

Also probably goes without saying (and I imagine you’ve already done it) but that cap does not look healthy next to it, I’d pull that off to take it out the equation :slight_smile:

Yeah hehe, I checked caps because this board got a bit liquid damage , just turning on for a second and main 12 v rail in short. I cleaned it and turned on again , but I wanted to know that IC in case I would have to replace it . I will try to buy a calipers to measure what you said and check voltages when turned on . Thanks guys for your answers

Those are the measures i could make. This console returned because no longer was able to turn on. Found CAP next to the one remaining in short, the tiny CAP fall off because of corrosion. Are those missing caps going to cause malfunction in the near future?

For testing it is ok, if bypass caps are missing. But for normal operation they should be in place to avoid damage to the ics.

Thanks ,now the question Is whats value are those caps :rofl:. There is near another same circuit but it does not have the tiny CAP