Help identifying OLED component

So today some idiot (me) was repairing a chargeport on a customer’s OLED and didn’t pay attention to where they were clamping the board (rookie error).

So I managed to break what I think it a dual n channel mosfet maybe…maybe not?? I’m a good microsolder but sometimes I can’t tell the difference between a resistor and a cap lol.
This particular part controls the docking and charging of the right joycon.

So being the good person I am I cannabilised my personal working OLED switch so that I could repair the customers and get paid.

Now I’m hoping I can source the part for mine but I don’t know what it is or if it’s available or a Nintendo proprietary part etc. See attached pictures

Location is on the back of the main board slightly above the EMMC.

Help me feel better knowing I didn’t just destroy my own switch to save another :joy:

Edit: for some reason I can’t include images or links in my post so that going to make things difficult. Does anyone know how to do that?

upload the photo to imgur and post the link like imgur(dot)com/xxxxx

Thanks for the help here are the images