HELP! M92T36 Issue

Hey Everyone,

I have been doing repairs for a couple of months now but without any soldering recently my current switched got banned so I thought I’d use that motherboard as just a faulty practice. I have several other switches too but don’t want to experiment on these as of yet due to this current issue…

Anyways problem im facing is for the life of me I cant remove he god dam chip ive been trying for 2 weeks now and nothing. At first I thought it was my flux so I did some research and was recommended this flux by a repair company. I also use this hot air station its not the best but didnt want anything too fancy as of yet whiles practicing. Maybe the hot air station is the problem I dont know I dont see why? But I have it on the hottest air which is 480° and ive got it on the chip with flux testing it with my tweezers every few seconds and it won’t move. At on point i even had it held on for 5 minutes which isn’t good but it still didnt move the solder got a little shiny so it obviously is melting it a little but maybe not enough? Its really getting me down I dont think I’m doing anything wrong. Seen some people say that you need better station others have said a cheap station is fine if you know what you’re doing so any help please??

I will list below the station and flux ive tried including the links and images but for some reasons its not working so if you could copy and paste these following titles into ebay before commenting you will see what im using…

2 in 1 750W Digital Hot Air Gun Desoldering Rework SolderIron Station Soldering

New Flux Soldering Paste in the 20g tin for Electronics SMD plumbing DIY etc

  1. add low melt solder to the pins and then add some premium flux and remove all the solder with a wick.
  2. when all pins are clean add low melt again.
  3. Apply flux again.
  4. set the hot air station to 420° + and start to apply heat.
  5. Grab the MT92T36 chip with the tweezers and lift the motherboard up 1cm from the desk, and hold it steady until it’s removed and the motherboard falls down.

That’s for beginners with low-cost equipment and poor experience about soldering.

Thats much harder than just melting and removing it only have non leaded solder which is a high melting point and the flux iblisted in my post

Thats what i just said with a step by step guide… you cant just say ”just remove” to a beginner, thats kind of a really stupid way to teach.