Help - Mariko turns on, but only the video on the dock works

I recently tried to install a modchip on a mariko device and the sp1 resistor came out.

I managed to replace it by removing a resistor that was on another nintendo switch lite card and the device turned on normally, but after a few seconds the video stopped working.
The device works in the dock, but has no video on the screen in hand mode.
I wonder if all the resistor I replaced could have been the cause. I will attach the photo of the place that I removed the resistor from the old board of nintendo lite to put in point sp1 of nintendo Mariko.
I would appreciate it very much if someone tells me what I can do to solve this problem.

[MEDIA = youtube] AOoPpHw762Y [/ MEDIA]


They’re capacitors not resistors on SOC and are all bypass.

The caps in question are on a completely seperate voltage rail and will have no impact on LCD and it’s coincidental.

Take a close look inside the LCD connector, i would guess a bent pin… also check your hacklight ribbon/connector

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