Help me identify this PS4 controller

It doesn’t seem to match any of the pics I can find on the Internet. It is theoretically an early model CUH-CT1E (not U…) which is strange because I’m in the US, but I got the controller for a work project, not sure where they sourced them.

ibb. co/LPVYN4P
ibb. co/PM7nDZd

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It has what looks like an original Sony battery (grey plastic case), not a bare lipo, but the main board doesn’t have “JDM” anywhere on it that I can see.

Also, the solder job is kinda garbage - the battery power connector is on a little crooked and the analog sticks look like they were done by someone who had never used a soldering iron before.

If it is a knock-off, it is a really good one. But it looks like a really early revision (prior to the JDM-001) to me.