Help needed to identify/test component on mainboard

Hi there,

Can anyone tell what component is this:

After cleaning the board from liquid damage it looks like it’s missing a leg. But I don’t know what it is or how to test it properly. I’d guess it’s a LED but never saw it lit on other switchs. Everything I tested on the console looks to be working fine.

thats a light sensor

Double check me on this, but i do believe it is this part.

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My note said the light sensor part# is BH1730FVC.
And pin1 goes to 3.3v rail. So I guess your bh1603 is wrong (pin3 not vcc but gnd)


Thanks guys! Is there a pratical way to test if it’s working or not on my switch?

turn on auto adjust backlight, and lower down backlight, then put a flashlight straight on top of the sensor area to see if backlight goes up by itself

Thanks! It’s indeed not working. I’ll order some BH1730FVC and try to replace it.

perfect, thanks for the update, added to my own parts list for future reference.