[Help] Switch OLED Modchip alternative point

Hey guys.

I am looking to mod my OLED with the core/hwfly chip. Do you guys know the alternative points.

Some one has posted some soldering points on GBA temp. Can anyone confirm or is there easier point to jump wire it ?

Thanks in advance.

Only this:

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Thanks for the link. I have seen the same picture for the soldering point.

For access point C and D. C seem pretty difficult assuming we have reflow back the emmc ? And for D, the picture does not show too clearly where it is connected to. Is it a capacitor?

From what I read it seems that the eMMC memory no longer sticks back…it is not very clearly explained. But to remove it without lifting the pad from the board you need some reball knowledge with controlled temperatures. Yes for D that is a capacitor.

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As far as I can see point C is = DAT0, so presumably this link is documenting bare minimum EMMC hookups for the modchip, surely DAT0 is broken out somewhere else to a TP of some sort? unless Nintendo has purposely buried it on another layer and not broken it out anywhere (?)

Not sure I would be able to dechiper it from an image of the board but can’t hurt to get a detailed photo front and back :slight_smile:

New photos with installation points

There may not be a need to remove the BGA.
As on Xbox360 with a little technique, we can directly put thin enameled copper wire, to touch the point without having to remove the BGA.
It’s not easy but it’s worth a try. I do this in times when the xbox 360 Corona V2 board does not yet have a Postfix adapter.
A powerful magnifying glass or microscope is needed


I have never tried this method before. Is it much harder? Without the tx jig, it seem quite hard to shove a jumper wire to the specific emmc ball

It’s not really hard. The wire must be very thin to fit under the eMMC eprom. It deserves a try.

If you want to use a lite Chip here are the needed points.

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I just saw this on Chinese forum a moment ago haha. I will wait for an alternative DAT0 point.

A lot of people say there is not that much space inside the switch, hard to fit a sx lite inside.

Knocked of these passives from an OLED, would anyone be able to measure their resistance?

ht tp:// files.zzattack .org /img/upload/chrome_ZSBhidKRy6.jpg