Help witch capacitor valute "switch lite" 3.3v supply for HWFLY

i have to replace the capacitor that provide 3.3volt to the HWFLY chip ! do you know its value?
i want to share the image… but thronixfix block my image or link file

hi did you get the answer for this cap i need it too THX

Same question if someone is able to help.

can someone give some guidance? thank you.

Shoulf 560nf 0201. I checked it yesterday and desolder it from a working board


thank you sir for taking your time checking. :+1:

I can’t find it on Aliexpress, I can only find the 0603 0.56uF 10V X7R
Do you have a link?

I have the same problem. In 0201 is no 0,56uf available. Maybe i have meassure wrong here. I also read, that a 1,0UF should work. Will test it later the week.


can you check on the volt on it?