Help with diagnosis of non charging switch

Like the title says I’m looming for some help with a switch that is not charging.
What I know so far.
Charge current is .33ma and never changes.
Fuse is good. Inductor is good.
Shorts on some caps. One cap next to m92t36.
One by pi3usb30532. Removed m92t36 short is still there. Any advice as to what should be checked next would be great.
Thanks for the help in advance.

Did you remove the pi3usb? That’s most likely what’s causing the short.

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No I have not I will try that tonight.

There are also some other caps showing shorts. Will update with the location of them when I’m home tonight.
Thanks again for the help.

Be sure to post back to update this thread so others looking for this answer might be helped by it. Thanks!

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So with pi3usb removed and the shorts are still there.
here is the location of the other shorts.

Well, that’s not good news. The only thing I know of that will cause this type of problem is a shorted out CPU.

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Well that’s is above my capability, so it looks like I have a donor switch.

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And probably the only chance is a CPU reball…:sleepy:
And that’s the stensil bga for him…I guess