Help with my PS4 problems please I’ve tried everything!

Hello this is TJ. I have a question. I have a PS4 that freezes up on me and I did all the steps it said to do to fix it and it still does it. I bought a new hardrive and installed it and installed the newest version of the system software. It was working great for 5 minutes, but now it is freezing and giving me a black screen like it always has. I even took it apart and cleaned it out with compressed air because It was over heating. What is the problem?

Is your ps4 going to black screen after warming up? What happens next?

When your PS4 goes to a black screen can you still hear sound ?

Yes, but it doesn’t overheat. After about 15 minute of it being on it starts freezing.

No I can’t here any sound. I look it’s up on YouTube and did the steps it said to do but it still didn’t work.

Ooo ok, i thought it was the same issue i had a few months ago. My ps4 would go black after 10 mins but i could still hear sound. Turned out it was a bas HDMI wire…

Okay thank you for trying to help me. I will try changing the HDMI wire once I’m off

Image lost could be caused by a bad hdmi ic…