Help! Xbox One X short to ground

Hey everyone, I have a xbox one X that has a dead short to ground, I’ve looked over the motherboard and nothing seems to be exploded or burnt, can anyone guide me on what circuit I should follow?

I checked the PSU it is supplying the required voltage.

Thanks for the help.

Any input from anyone?

So I’ve scanned the motherboard with my flir thermal camera and no components seem to be getting hot.

I know I’ve been reading a dead south bridge can cause no power. But wouldn’t the SB get hot when power is applied?

Maybe someone could chime in on possible check points?

pigbait - The only way to find a heated component is with voltage injection. The Xbox power supply will have short protection so it will not supply 12v when grounded. Do you have a bench power supply you can use to test?

Usually the mosfets are the first things to go, but the Xbox One X has them glued to the board which makes removing and testing them difficult. You can try isolating components by removing a few capacitors if you feel comfortable doing it and you have a hot air station or hot tweezers.

I have hot air station, and don’t have a problem removing caps. Lucky for me this board doesn’t have anything glued down.

I’ll get a bench psu and see if I can find this component.

If you are into fixing things a bench power supply is very important for tasks like this. After a multimeter I feel like a bench PSU is the next thing everyone should get.