How can I protect my PS4 Slim power supply?

I recently had my ps4 slim power supply replaced so I was wondering how I can prevent it from getting damaged again? Must I use a surge protector? Or should I buy a high quality extension cord since the one I am using now is more than a year old?

Btw an UPS is out of my budget…

What happened to the first power supply?

My PS4 was not switching on so I gave it for repairs and they said the power supply had to be replaced. They said that lightning could have damaged it or it could be an issue with my power strip.

You can use a surge protector but you’ll need to be sure to use a good one that can handle the power needs of your console. Cheap surge protectors sometimes won’t let enough power through to power the PS4.

Thanks. Also on an unrelated subject, the shop said that they replaced my power supply with another one. But they didn’t give me my broken power supply back. I asked them and they said that they threw it away because its broken. Now I am a long time customer of this particular shop so I didn’t go to question them further but is it normal for repair shops to keep broken parts for themselves instead of returning it to the customer? I have a gut feeling that they simply “fixed” my power supply but charged me the same amount as if I were to get to a new one.

If your customers send you a broken console for repair, do you keep the broken parts for yourself or do you send it back to the customer?

I don’t send broken parts back and have never had anyone ask for them. I think that’s pretty standard. If someone asked to have their broken parts back ahead of time I would be happy to same them for them.