How did this happen?!

Got a single beep, no light, no power on EDM-010 in today and someone has been into it previously. How do I know? Because they’ve obliterated whatever this component was!

Can’t find an obvious source for the issue, but there’s a couple of caps showing short beside the SSD controller. I think someone might have tried to replace the SSD controller because that part of the board was sticky with flux residue.

Also think F7003 is blown but can’t find a short the other side of it.

Anything else obvious I should check for, or do I just give up? If someone has done a bad job replacing the SSD I don’t know what else they might have broken…

… and I managed to put the pictures in the wrong order :upside_down_face: sorry!

I think your short is on the power line for the ssd ics. I would take of the DA9081 on the back side and see if this clears the short.