How do I clean adhesive off of a Ipad digitizer?

So today as I was opening an ipad screen using a headpad and a series of picks, I accidentally got a small amount of the adhesive onto the digitizer. Does anybody know a way I can clean this off without damaging the digitizer?

IPA (isopropyl alcohol) and patience, you will get frustrated as you’ll be pushing the adhesive around for a fair bit before finally truly cleaning it up. IPA is pretty “mild”, you may be able to get away with acetone (think IPA on steroids, basically nail polish remover) but you’d wanna know for sure prior it will do no harm (test on a junk unit prior) and of course you’ll lose brain cells while using that stuff :wink:

Other options are WD40 which I’ve had good luck with but not in the electronics realm and then you’ve got super serious stuff like turps and whatnot which you probably wanna avoid :smiley: