How do I remove dried adhesive from a 3DS screen protector?

I removed a screen protector from the top half of the old 3DS XL, but adhesive was left behind. I didn’t know I could remove it since I was really young, but now I’ve tried using screen cleaners and isopropyl alcohol with cotton swabs and microfiber cloths, but nothing is working. Is there anything I can use that will help get rid of the residue without damaging the LCD screen?

I am very hesitant to suggest goo-gone, but could work. I would try a very tiny amount.

It sounds like the adhesive has been in there for a long time? Years perhaps? If it’s that bad, try the next steps very carefully: get a razor blade paint scraper, saturate small areas with isopropyl. Without much force use the razor blade to try and remove the adhesive. This could very quickly damage/scratch the screen. If the screen cover was glass this would work well. Plastic on the other hand… Ymmv.

I sometimes find cobtact cleaner works where ipa has failed.

you can also buy plastic razor blades that wont damage the screen. i have used them with isopropyl to remove tough gunk left behind from screen protectors, stickers and other smooth hard services. if you try this method please use care as you can still do damage to the screen cause of the sharp points of the plastic razorblade.

It worked for the most part, Thanks for the help!