How do I take out a stripped torx screw?

I’m actually fed up, I wanted to replace my lcd screen in my switch so I bought the replacement for 50€, then I had to buy the screwdrivers aswell, and now that I’ve got everything I get to unscrew every screw needed, and there’s one left that I can’t take out.
The screw is totally stripped and I can try how much I want with all the pressure I got, but the screwdriver won’t make it spin.
Now the question is how the hell am I supposed to take the backplate of my switch, is there anyway to unscrew the screw, or can I just force the backplate off of my switch without unscrewing that one screw? Please someone help, I’ll be crying if all these stuff I bought would be for nothing

Well, the plus side is that you have got the main back panel off. You can try gripping the screw with flush cutters, that can work sometimes. If not, the metal plates are super cheap, so if all else fails you can cut the panel off and then use cutters or players to grab the screw. Then buy a replacement. Dont throw it out though, replacements dont always have the tape etc on them which you want to move across.

Think he’s talking about the plastic back panel, and I’m guessing he means the tri-wing screws as there is no torx screws on Switch

As I mentioned in the above thread, if you tried all the other methods I mentioned there, then your left with simply drilling the head of the screw off with an M2 drill bit, remove the back panel, then afterwards use some pliers to unscrew the remaining screw stump

Think the cause of this issue is likely as result of the wrong size tri-wing screwdriver being used, plenty of sellers are selling a tri-wing screwdriver (red handle usually) intended for DS which is not a match for switch and/or theyr’e selling screwdrivers which may as well have come out of a christmas cracker with cheese grade steel which can manage taking out a couple of screws before the end starts sheering off afterwhich it shreds all remaining screw heads

I have the following which has two tri-wing style bits included, one which is a perfect match for the Switch tri-wing screws

Ah, reading it again you may be right. At that point I would agree, drilling may be the only option… a new back pannel is still cheap if you can’t do it cleanly.

I ordered these on Amazon “ E.Durable Triwing Screwdriver Y0 Y00 PH00 for Nintendo Switch”, pretty sure these are exactly the ones I need, googled it on other couple websites, I’ll try the tips above before drilling, thanks for the replies

Both the tri-wing bits in the leather case set in mine are marked with the size 2.0 and it seems to be a perfect fit my end, dunno how your amazon ones at Y0 and Y00 compares to that but maybe they’re smaller

I’ve looked over the place and a lot of others recommended these screwdrivers, I doubt they are the problem

Also a little update, the screws in the middle of both rails that are needed to take the backplate off ALSO WONT COME OFF I think I’m slowly going insane because of a screw

Can you take some photos of the screw head so we can see whats going on here? as I’m only guessing based on the price you quoted earlier that this is a bought from new Switch console and not used/refurbished? if it’s new and you were providing enough downward force then the only explanation is the drivers are the wrong size or the quality of the drivers are bad

the middle screw on the rails - if the heads stripped try to use a close fitting flat blade screwdriver instead and see if you can get any purchase, if the driver feels like it’s slipping stop, don’t continue to round the head off :slight_smile:

I’ll get some pictures later, but it’s a switch I bought on release date if that helps