How do you deal with support for low margin items?

Not long ago I bought a relatively cheap item from a custom electronics business and had a few questions about the product. The response wasn’t super helpful and the reason given was that they didn’t make a lot of money on the product.

Wondering what you guys think of that?

At the time I was initially very annoyed, but I’ve come to see their point. I don’t really agree with it though. But then again I’m in the infancy of the business and they’re quite well established.

Well that’s actually bad business practice and companies don’t prosper with that sort of practice

There’s going to be all sorts of opinions on this depending on everyone’s views on how to run a business. I personally wouldn’t feel right about offering a product that I can’t support with customer service. Sometimes I buy the exact same product for much more $$ from a company that I know will support me if I need it and I know will be around long term.
Some people just look for the cheapest product no matter what. It’s that old saying that you get what you pay for (which isn’t always true but in many cases it is).


I’m straightforward with customers saying that we can get cheap parts for you but we don’t generally do that as we can’t support that with a warranty. I say you won’t know if its been actually gone through any kind of QC, or just pulled from a random System/Phone. We buy from business we trust and we have full backing on any part we use. They usually go for it, i think being transparent is fair. I would say its about 90% that don’t mind paying that extra once i explain everything (it’s a mouthful). that 10% is mostly is people looking to trade in their phone/system. This is in person as well. i would exclude people calling in with that 90/10 statement. people on the phone are much quicker to hangup than listen. no matter how nicely i answer the phone.

Thanks everyone for replying those are great suggestions. I want to find a balance between making money and having happy customers.