How do you document your fault discoveries in consoles?

Hello. Just wondering what everybody does when discovering causes for faults in consoles. Do you take a picture and write in it with an editor? Just write in a notebook? Here is an example:

After 8 hours straight working on an xbox one s, trying to find out why there was no pwm signal on any of the cpu or gpu mosfets, I finally found a trace around the npc chip that was cracked, so small that it couldn’t be seen, (I can’t believe I actually found it at all). I normally don’t document finding like this since it is super rare, and I highly doubt I will ever get this exact problem/cause again. But it got me thinking, how should I document this? I used to take a picture, draw an arrow on what I found and as the title describe the error caused. But I stopped this since it just wasn’t worth it, nothing ever came in with the exact same fault/cause.

Just here for an opinion. How would someone go about documenting their findings? Any easier way? I am trying to get better and quicker at diagnosing, but sometimes these types of faults suck the life out of me. I have been doing this type of work for over 10 years, and never got a good documentation system going. And since consoles have no schematic, maybe it is worth documenting? Not sure.

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It was originally up by Louis Rossmann for Macbook repair guide, and since his effort on the Right to Repair the wiki page soon expends to wider range of repair wiki including game consoles, laptops, all kinds of consumer electronic devices.
Good place to join and log your finding