How do you measure charge voltage and current?

Hey there,
My current setup to measure the charging voltage and current of the Switch consoles works but is a little cumbersome, so I though I’d ask what everyone else uses.
I currently have a wall adapter with a USB type C output (5-20 V, 60 W), connect an USB type C to type A adapter to that. To that I connect a meter much like the one Steve uses in his videos and to that I finally connect a USB type A to type C adapter I can connect to the Switch consoles.
As I said, it works, but I think it is a bit cumbersome, so I set out to look for new ideas. How do you guys do it?

Well that’s just to see if it’s charging mate but to check faults you need a decent multimeter too

Hey there,
of course, you are right. I’m pretty happy with the rest of my equipment and/or workflow, but this bit with the charging voltage and current measurement bothers me. So I wanted to hear some ideas on how to maybe improve it.

I’ve got the same issue with mine I’ve even tried micro usb to usb c but don’t get much change I think you need the right wall adapter too