How i can sell repared console?


i have 18 years old and i think to start my own compagny of repair console or other things.

One of the most worrying things for me is to know “How to sell things i have repared?

i thinked of resell into ebay, amazon, or “leboncoin” but i’m very not sure of what to do.

I have some experience in the repair domain but not at all for the business part.

Today i’m pretty sure of what i want to do.

i just want a answer for my question.

ps: i’m french so sorry for my pretty bad english.

No worries about your English…it’s fine. I’m not sure what all the options are in France but if you have Facebook marketplace it would be good to try and sell it locally so you don’t have to pay any shipping costs or selling fees. eBay works too but then you have to pay for shipping and selling costs which can be quite high for consoles.

Ebay is another option if you have it

Hey there,
another option, usually a bit more work, but mostly free, are flea market apps and sites.

yeah like here or others website?

Hey there,
I don’t know about France, but here in Germany we have quite a few sites. For example Shpock or Ebay-Kleinanzeigen (no, this is diffderent from normal Ebay, which we here have, too!).

You basically put in your offer free of charge and wait for someone to contact you and buy the things. They usually are thought for selling things locally, but that’s only the intended use, I have already sold things on those platforms and shipped it to the buyer. It’s free of charge, but usually a bit more work than ebay, because the buyer has to contact you to buy the things.