How to deal with stripped screws?

I just bought a used switch from someone, and knew going into the deal that there was a broken off headphone plug stuck in the jack on the switch. After minimal digging online, it looked easy enough to pull the switch apart and remove the broken plug from the jack, so I went forward with the purchase.

Now, while trying to disassemble, do I discover one of the four screws on the back of the Switch completely stripped already. I have a screw removal kit, but no bits that are remotely small enough for these screws. Any tips?

I’m assuming you’ve tried different sized bits to see if any work? Worst case would be drilling it out with a Dremel or other rotary tool.

Sometimes there is just enough bite left that tin foil on the driver works.

Thanks for the advice. I ended up discovering that USB headphones work as a temporary fix, and have ordered the ifixit precision screw removal kit to try out.