How to measures CC Line in Nintendo Switch port

Hello everyone, good morning.

So i have been looking for the famous “0.4A without short” case in Nintendo switch. I know there’s a few article that successfully revive the switch and i just want to try it one by one to increase the possibility like one of them is it didn’t get any signal from CC1 or CC2 (or maybe both) from charging port. I do have experience in repairing game console but for switch it’s completely new for me and honestly this case is driving me crazy. Some of you maybe giving up on this case but i am just curious to this. I want to ask you guys how do i measure this CC line, is it like the basic? (red probe on CC line and black probe on ground) and what value suppose to be in those CC line? (like 5V or any kind value)

Thank you for assisting me, i am sorry if it’s a little bit dumb

I would check in diode mode if at all three points from the both cc lines the aprox. 505mV are present.
For diode mode all external power/battery disconnected, red probe on ground and black probe at the pins/pads/testpoints.

Once again thanks calvin, you really help me a lot. I’ll try this next. And you mention doing this using diode mode, is it better using diode mode rather than continuity?