How to set Repair pricing

How do people come up with the pricing for repairs?

I want to start doing some work for a local games store but no idea what pricing to give him for repairs.

At the moment it’ll only be simple HDMI and small component stuff, but how do people set their pricing?

I set my by 2 points. 1 the difficulty of the job. 2 what others in the area are charging for the same repairs. In my area a few shops charge 120 dollars for hdmi port repair. I charge 60. Others charging 180 for Xbox one hard drive replacement. I charge 40 for 500gb, 60 for 1tb, and 80 for 2tb

Not a lot of people doing low level stuff like ports and SMD work. Was thinking around £50 for HDMI ports.
Guess I’ll get a feel when I start working on stuff, was going to look at local recycling center see if they have faulty stuff to work on and try fixing.

I would suggest setting your prices 25% below the local establishment.
I have found that setting your prices too low can also be a deterrent. Most people live by the model of, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
Meaning, people may think that you’re inexperienced and just looking to take on any job for practice.
So, HDMI replacements in my area go for $110-$120, so I charge $80 to $90 depending on the model.
I also let them know that it can be a couple of days since I have a substantial clientele which make you sound experienced. This way I can get it back to them earlier than they expected and beating their expectations in the process. NO Payment till repairs are completed, is a HUGE plus for me as well.

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Thanks for the advice.
Yeah I’ve always done NO Payment until fixed.

As mentioned not a lot of people doing this around here. Going to get a few friends to message the local shop see if they do repairs and estimate costs for simple HDMI port replace, should give me an idea.