How to take out stripped screws

Hi there I have recently brought a second hand Nintendo switch from eBay games they said it was refurbished and that everything was working but when I got it checked it out sd card wasn’t working so I trying to take the back plate off but I’m stucked because a few screws are stripped and need to get access to fix the sd card slot and replace battery aswell if you have any answers please that would be grate

tbh I’d probably just return it at the expense of the seller… it’s not on selling things in this condition

but if you want to fix yourself, then sometimes you can get a purchase using flat blade screwriver or banging in a close fitting torx bit, if that fails you can sometimes melt the end of a bit of plastic (Bic pen with the ink tube removed works well) and shove it into the rounded off screw, let it cool and try turn it loose, failing that then side cutters work pretty well to grab on the head and turn it loose, and then failing that your left with drilling the heads of the screws off completely.

I use needle nose pliers, rubber band.

I got this same issue with my tripoint screw… imagine buying 70€ worth of replacement stuff just to not being able to get a screw out. I’ve yet to try some of the stuff mentioned here but I still find it stupid how bad Nintendo screws are for a 300€ console…

I use a Dremel (or similar rotary tool) with a small diamond-coated cutoff wheel to create a slot in order to utilize a flathead screwdriver. Has worked hundreds of times on screws where the head is not below the surface (for example: Joy Con shell screws). Just make sure the slot you create is as centered as possible, and you don’t go all the way through the head. I also do this under a stereo microscope, so I have the best view of what is happening.