How to tell if nand is corrupt

Disclaimer I’m completely noob with this. I’ve fixed hardware but I’ve done no modding, cfw, hacking, etc.

I’m having a hard time finding exactly how to tell if my nand is corrupt and if it is how to rebuild/repair it. I have a switch that won’t load past the Nintendo screen. I managed to boot into hekate and make a backup but that’s as far as I’m comfortable and where I’ve stalled out. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

did u have some types of errors when u try to boot OFW with Hekate ? Second u have to launch Lockpick and see if you have errors

I have no errors when booting just goes black after nintendo logo.
So both lockpick and biskeydump give errors. They both seem to output some numbers but both show errors along with it.

Lockpick shows " keyblob 1 corrupt" then it has some data output. Then “keyblob 2 corrupt” then some data output. It does this for 5 keyblob.

Biskeydump looks like it does output some data from what I can tell but does say “keyblob decrypted using current sbk & tsec keys not valid” & “error deriving device key data”

are u the first owner of this switch ?
Look like someone try to inject the firmware of an other console in this actual one :confused:
How many keys are present ?

What do you mean how many keys are present

your nand is corrupted you have to rebuild it …

same as your case. fixed hardware but no luck