Huge noise coming from oscillator north to the APU

Hi guys, i got a Nintendo Switch to check on which literally a carnage was processed. I found a lot of mis-soldered components. I replaced everything correctly, make sure all connections are good.
If i try to power on the console, i have a huge creepy sound coming from the oscillator which is north from the APU, the one which wasn’t soldered well in the picture. I replaced it with another one, the same. Is that something that already happened to someone ?
Thanks for the help guys.

I did a video just so that you hear what I am talking about

I take it that’s IPA on the board? whatever is causing the rapid evaporation is likely a component this or reverse side, so do the same with board flipped

Reverse side is definitely the good answer. I was dragged to a wrong lead because of the fact that the component was not soldered properly and I thought it was the culprit, but look on the reverse side the difference.

Sadly i will never have the final answer if it would have been fixed with PMIC replacement, customer didn’t wanted to pay for the replacement of PMIC and M92 (it had 2 caps shorted) so we will live with the mystery, or at least i will.

Shame, yeah a high probability a new PMC would have resolved this assuming it caused no other damage

I don’t really get people opinion, he found 70€ was too expensive, because he can find working Switch for 110-130€. So he prefer to pay 10€ for diagnosis … seek the error. I mean, first of all, i never saw a Nintendo Switch working for 110€ or even 130€ in my country personally, but maybe i don’t look right … Anyway, that’s the way it is, let’s move on shall we :slight_smile: