Hwfly rp2040 error "**= No eMMC block 1 read (should not happen)"

Hello all,

I am having problems with my modchip. It was working good and the next day it went to an “**= No eMMC block 1 read (should not happen)” error.

How can I diagnose what is happening?

It could be bad soldering. Maybe one or more of the connections are making contact, but are not stabil/good enough for good data transfer.

Is Nintendo selling more new units because of the mishaps during mod chip installs?

I also though this bad bad connections but I have removed and reinstalled the flex cables three times and all with the same result. During the last rework I broken pad B of the flex while cleaning so I soldered a cable directly.

It is hard to see, but from my point of view the soldering needs more flux , what should result in more round, evenly and shiny solder blobs (good connections).

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