I accidentaly inverted the battery

I was replacing the bottom screen of a new 3ds xl I have and when I went to test it I accidentaly inverted the battery. Now it will charge but not turn on. When I inserted the battery properly again, it turned on for a second (by this I mean the blue light lit up) but then turned off and died. What would this cause and how can I fix it?

I discovered new details! The blue light actually lights up whenever I try to turn it on without the battery inserted. When the battery is inserted, It charges as normal, but won’t give any signs of life.
Before you ask, yes, I know this battery is good.

How can you invert this battery? The connector is even in the middle, it’s impossible to invert…
Anyways, the blue light turning on for a second is not a sign of faulty battery, but faulty component. Make sure every ribbon cables don’t have any teardown, they are all connected and they all function properly. A faulty component attached to the console causes this blue light, or a crucial component not attached to the motherboard could too.