I am reassembling my PS4 Slim and have lost a screw!

I disassembled my grandson’s PS4 Slim using your VERY helpful video so I could clean it. I am reassembling it now but have run into a slight problem. I seem to have lost one of the screws (the silver one) B side for the clamp that attaches onto the motherboard. Where can I find a replacement screw?

I found a guy in England on eBay that has some.

He ships to the Americas, but shipping is expensive.

Plus you would have to buy the clamp and 2 screws as a package.

Search for:

“Genuine Heat Sink Clamp and Screws”

Hope this helps.


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easy one…

Thank you for the information!
The Lord blessed me and helped me find my missing screw! It had fallen in my laundry!

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