I blew up a very small thing

Disclaimer: I have no clue what I’m doing.

I was trying to take some measurements and forgot the device was plugged in. There is a very small capacitor(?) near the M92T36 which blew up (like a firework show for ants). Now the switch won’t go to 15v and I only measure 5v where I previously could still measure 15v.

What is this component and what do I have to look for if I go search for a replacement part?

ibb. co/DGDGXFr

Thanks, it appears it is the 10nF one, do you happen to know what size that is? And do I need to keep other things in mind when trying to order a replacement?

size_voltage: 0201_25v

Thanks for your help!

Sounds like you will need to replace the m92t36 if you’ve lost it’s ability to negotiate 15v from the charger

I’m afraid you could be right, I’ve ordered both so hopefully that will fix the original issue I had as well :slight_smile:

Well, it turns out soldering 0201 components is a lot harder then it appears in youtube videos :slight_smile:

TLDR: are there other components that can cause a short to ground on vcc-in that occurs before the fuse (on the USB-C port side)?

After accidentally bumping some components, solder bridges etc it appeared I had everything in place (including new m92t36 chip) but that chip started sparking at the same spot where the previous cap (10nf_0201_25v) had exploded. So between pin 8 and 9 (gnd/bvat) on the m92t36 chip.
After measuring, vcc-in was now shorted to ground (it was not previously), I figured it was shorted to ground at the spot where the previous cap had exploded since that caused some damage to the board, but it appears there is now a short somewhere on the USB-C port. After checking and removing all components leading up to the m92 chip I removed the fuse and the short was gone. The pad of the fuse at the USB-C port side is however connected to ground. Are there other components besides the USB-C port that can cause a short to ground (before the fuse)?

Btw. I checked most of the other caps and they appear fine (also around the P13usb chip).

So, after replacing the USB port the short was gone. But again the same issue with the M92 chip appeared. I think the board is shorting around the damaged area every time and blowing up the M92.

I want to bypass the damaged area. Can I place the 0201 capacitor directly on the legs of the M92 chip, cut the trace to the damaged area and use a wire to connect it? See my paint skills below:

And if it is possible, how thick should that wire be? I’ve got some 0.1mm laying around but is that too thin?

btw. I’ve accepted that this board is probably beyond repair, but I’m having a lot of fun trying to get it to work anyways and improving my soldering skills. :slight_smile: