I bought a new disk drive and still i cant insert or eject a disk with my old daughterboard, plz help

i know how to fix almost every pc and console but ps4 got me confused, a kid gave me the ps4 for free cause i fixed his ps4 pro, so the original ps4 it was in bad condition i had do buy another optical drive cause everytime he lose his was punching the console, and i was not able to insert or eject a disk but th board was making the ejet sound. i bought the KEM 860 for the CUH-1116A ps4 model, my original daughter board is bdp 015. but the new drive came with a board bdp 010, are u sure i didnt order something wrong? i also dont have an hdd inside, meaning that the ps4 software isnt inside, but i get wight light when i power up the console and if i put the board the new drive came with ittakes the disk and i can hear it reads it, but i get the famous error about not lauching the blue rays i are u sure my original daughter board is not having issues? if i buy from ebay a bdp 015 will it fix my problem? im almost sure that the daughter board is the problem. i want to know evything i can do before i remarry the board. i want to thank u guys for making us better persons (tronixfix) <3

The original motherboard and original disk drive daughter board are matched. You will need to put the old daughter board on the new disk drive.

Getting a new daughter board from ebay will not help since the internal serial number will not match the one stored on the motherboard.

If after you have put the original daughter board on the new disk drive, it does not work, then you are basically hosed.

There is a chip on the motherboard that you can replace the controls the power to disk drive, but you would need a hot air rework station and might not fix the issue. Since the new disk drive works, except for the error about not launching blue rays, I doubt that chip would be the issue.

Sounds like the original disk drive daughter board is not working and since you cannot rematch a mother board and daughter board, I do not see a way to fix this issue.