I can't get the tiny cable to reattach

I followed the video to clean the internal hardware and fan, great instructions! Thank you for that! I am however big fingered and fairly clumsy at times, and can’t get this cable to reattach… Hopefully you guys will have a suggestion for me

I realize I must have broken it when attempting to detach it safely. Does anyhow know what it’s called, what function it serves, and if I can purchase a replacement if necessary (upload://jwnMPV8AAacPcxvGt5rupgyfQ6y.jpeg)

I’m not even sure if the pictures I tried to attach are showing?

Sorry bud I can’t see the pic. Maybe try re-uploading it?

Tried editing my original post, couldn’t figure it out lol, so it looks like attaching them in a reply worked, please let me know if you can see it now

That’s the front power board. Not sure what it’s actually called. basically that cable that ripped off took it’s connector with it. The board costs around $10 on ebay if I remember correctly. Everything should still function except for your eject button i believe because the sync button and front usb have their own connector on the top of the cage. Personally I would just replace the board. Having the connector repaired would probably cost more than just replacing it.

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So I was wrong about the price lol! Just looked it up and they are refering to it as a “power switch board” and they go for around $19.99 from what I’m seeing. Sorry about that

Oh no worries about the price, just glad I now know what it’s called and where to find it. Would you know if it’s something simple to change, like plug and play kinda thing? That’s all I’m good for basically lol, no soldering or anything like that for this guy…

It’s pretty simple. 3 screws holding it in and that ribbon cable connects to it. There is a port on the backside of the power board that plugs into the motherboard. You’ll obviously have to remove the old connector from the cable first. There is a clasp on it that holds it in place. Be careful not to damage the cable when removing the connector as in don’t just try to pull it off, make sure you release the clasp first lol! If you’re patient it’ll take a few minutes tops. Just be careful and feel free to message back with any concerns. Hope this helps

Ok great thanks, much appreciated! I’ll be sure to check in if I need any help, or to let you know after I’ve succeeded (:

Do you know where to get the syncing cable I broke mine