I diagnosed a "TronicsFix's PI3USB unfixable short" unit and it wasn't CPU short

Not a question, but I will write this here as it may be helpful for future users.

I had an unit that had the infamous short on the fat cap north of PI3USB even after removing the cap and/or PI3USB itself (the one that TronicsFix declared “unfixable due to shorted CPU” in one of his videos).

Since I had lost all hopes I kept removing every other piece in hopes of finding the fault.

After reworking BQ chip, M92 chip, the USB port and some other components, I identified the fault in the EMMC component. When removed, both the short on the fat cap over PI3USB and the related capacitor west of M92T36 were gone. They also are gone if I swap another EMMC component, but come back on when I put the original piece back.

Unfortunately there is not much hope for the unit as the EMMC is not replaceable if you don’t have a nand backup that you can dump on a fresh EMMC, and I kinda butchered the component with hot air in a goofy attempt to reball it, but I hope this can shed some light on that issue since in my case it wasn’t a shorted CPU after all, so hopefully someone else that encounters the same problem doesn’t lose all hope especially if you have a nand backup.

There are methods to still get to the data (if the controller inside the chip is broken) but it will most likely cost more than a new console.
Maybe someone who is skilled enough can do something like that.

“rusolut damagedEMMC.pdf”