I fixed my Xbox but messed with it and it won’t turn on at all

A few months ago my hdmi port was broken on Xbox one s and when I moved it around to get it to show up on my screen it would started turning on and off, later on it did it again but this time it wouldn’t turn turn on at all. I took it apart and I thought it was a power supply issue and replaced it but it still didn’t work. So I checked the mosfets and it turned on again it made a noise, the Xbox button lit up and the fan started spinning. But now whenever the fan started spinning it would spin out of control but I was just guessing that it was because here was no thermal paste on the cooler and the apu so I left it alone for a while but decided to look at it for a little longer and try to find out why it was spinning so fast and that’s when my Xbox finally turned off and it wouldn’t turn back on anymore. There was no noise, no light on the Xbox button, and no fan spinning. I am really sorry if my spelling is bad but I would be glad if someone could help me find the issue.