I’m not a repair guy just need to know this problem with my ps5

My ps5 turns of randomly no beeps I have to disconnect it from the cable then plug it back in for it to turn on it usually happens an hour after playing but when I rebuilt the database it only happens around every 22-24 hours I took the plate of and wiped the console down with a dry paper towel before this happened the cable works and it doesn’t feel hot and I got a mini fan for it do any of you know the problem

First check if you have liquid metal thermal paste dry spot on you CPU

Power supply is probably clogged with a lot of dust. Is this the first model?
Not that hard to take it apart and clean it out.

It will get worse, so you should clean it sooner than later.

I got it 2020 Christmas time haven’t done any cleaning except wiping the plates I think it’s first model

I’ll get on it thanks