I need help to clean all my 3DS

Hi there ! :blush:

I’ve always been a huge Nintendo DS user, and never really stopped yet. I use them so much that they are getting really dirty, even if I clean them on the outside often.
They are all limited editions, and I want them to last as much as possible, so I think a good deep cleaning will help.

I never teared a console apart, and I’m quite scared of it.
I need your advice to clean it as much as possible, without damaging anything. What do I need ? What are the things that I should NOT use or do ?

The consoles I wanna clean are one New3DS (the small one), one 3DS XL, and one DSi.
My 3DS XL has a broken part, near the R button. I will come back later about this, because it broke 2 years ago while moving away, and since I’m moving again pretty soon … Maybe it will happen again. I hope not. :roll_eyes: So if you think I should not do anything yet with this one, let me know.

I’m trying to give as much details about how I use them as I can :
None of my DS ever had liquid damage, but I use them outside. They all read gamecards really well, only my 3DS XL from 2012 is a bit slow, but it’s ok. I don’t put their styluses in my mouth, but the … part where we store them seems really dirty inside. I also never blow inside the gamecard reader. Only the L and R buttons of my DSi are not working really well, I have to push them harder and longer than the other ones to get them work. But they work fine when I put a rubber band around them to play my game faster. (I shiny hunt pokemons). I almost always have my speakers on, and they’re all fine.

I’m not a native English speaker, nor a good forum user. I tried my best to make a good topic, please forgive all my mistakes.
Thanks everyone for your help ! May you all have a great weekend.

Love from France :love_letter:,

I’d advise using just a microfiber cloth as the parts inside are very delicate and can break easily if any liquid touches them

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