I need help with some readings on my processor caps

First of all, hi to you all, I’d like to ask for some advices, if someone could spare some time.
Well, I tried installing a Hwfly modchip to my switch lite. Did all the soldering points and everything seemed to be alright. When I tried turning on, the chip’s led blinked purple for some seconds, then went red and off. The switch wasn’t turning on, even in OFW, there wasn’t any life signal.
I decided to check the soldering points to see if anything could be with a bad joint, but when I tried moving the chip down to check the flex above the processor, it went off and ripped the 3.3v capacitor with it…
Well, as bad as things already are, I believe I can fix it back in place. Just asked for some new pads so I can do a decent job there.
While i was waiting for these things to arrive, e took off the flex on SP1 and SP2 to try and find why it wasn’t booting even in OFW before the cap went off.
And well, the caps are giving some strange readings, but it’s weird, because I only soldered the points in SP1 and SP2, I don’t know why almost all of the caps in the shield are giving these wrong readings.
If anyone could share some light with me, I’d be glad, as I don’t have a deep knowledge of these more complex issues. I fixed some consoles already, an old gamecube and an Xbox 360 of mine that wasn’t turning on as well.
Btw, I’ve seen a schematic with the readings of these components in another thread, but for the original model of the switch. I have advanced knowledge in Corel draw and Photoshop, so if anyone wish to make a map with these components and its readings, I’d be glad to help. Just send me a rough sketch with the readings, and I can take care of the rest. Since it’s pretty hard to find these kind of materials for the switch.
Well, thanks for anyone who can share some light on the problem.
I’m leaving the link with some pics (can’t post them here) with the readings I got from these caps, I tested on diode mode, with red probe on ground, and black probe on each side of them, as well as some pics of the flex cable soldered on SP1 and SP2 before I removed, and the ripped cap on 3.3v line.
Just remove the “underlines”