I replaced the left joystick on my Series X controller that had drift with a brand new one I bought, now L3 press doesn't register

My Xbox Series X controller began to get stick drift on the left stick, I tried to take it apart and clean it, but it still had the same problem after doing so. This was my first time doing anything like this, I ordered some replacements from amazon, and on them it says alps 33 18, they were labeled as working for all Xbox one, S/X and Series S/X. I got the soldering equipment just for this, thought it would be kind of a fun little hobby, and personally I thought it would be easier, at least everyone made it look pretty fast and simple online. I struggled for a while to get the solder out of the through hole connecters, it always seemed like there was a tiny bit of solder left somewhere that stalled my progression, but I eventually got the original joystick off, but unfortunately it peeled up one of the copper traces on the other side of the board when I removed it, because a little bit of solder I didn’t notice was stuck to the metal plates surrounding the joystick and it was connected to it. The thing is I didn’t notice this until I already had the new one on, so I eventually got more stuff to make a jump to fix it, removed the joystick again, and tried to do my patch job. That went surprisingly well considering it actually works and registers now perfectly with no drift. At the same time though I also had to fix a tiny component that fell off the board because of the placement of my helping hands. With that all said and done though I managed to fix it all and get it back together working, however now I have no idea why when I press the left joystick in it doesn’t doesn’t register the L3 press at all. I tried Taking the new joystick off again and throwing another new one on, but still have the same problem, no register on L3 press. I am at a loss right now, and didn’t really notice anything visually on the board of what to do next. I’d hate to fix it until it’s broken, so please, any help or suggestions will be much appreciated.