IC chip help. How to center?

After literal weeks of watching repair videos i decided to give it a shot. Bought all the tools etc and a nintedo switch. Yes yes I know i shoulda started on something cheaper. Lesson learned.

Trying to replace the IC chip.

After it being EXTREMELY stubborn i cranked up the temp…

LESSON LEARNED - 3 blown capacitors later Im not going to bother trying to repair it and just use it as practice.

I have a LED magnifying helping hand. In all the videos i see they center the damn chip perfectly.

Aside from the fact that its hard to fit the hot sir straight down under a magnifying glass and going side ways burns my hands…

HOW THE HECK DO YOU KNOW WHEN THE CHIP IS PERFECTLY CENTERED?? Does it need to be 100% centered? In all the videos they even adjust the chip slightly…AM i supposed to feel when the pins are aligned etc?? Any help is greatly appreciated

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Well there is unfortunately no substitute for hands on experience, but ideally if you have the magnifying glass between you and the chip at an angle and are not directly above the chip, you can get air directly over it. make sure you are using a good amount of flux. Now as long as you are near centered, once all of the solder has softened the chip should move itself into place, you can test this by gently nudging it with your tweezers, and the chip will shift itself back into place.

If moving the chip doesnt cause the chip to move back at all im assuming i dont have the solder softened enough?

Most of my flux disappears pretty fast and the stuff was super cheap. Could that be a cause too?

side note- My board started to darken before the USB charge even remotely came off…

large centre ground pad IC normally less self-center-able when reflowing with good amount of flux, compared to BGA type IC.
To make sure is IC align centered, I ususally check each side pads alignment with the IC pin.
i.e M92T36 from picture, when it centered, you will see the pin and pads join straight from each side.
Or you find them off-to-left/right, then you know where you should push to ic when reflowing

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