Inductor coil replacement

I’ve found a like part replacement for the shielded inductor coil to the left of the USB-C port on the mother board. I’ve found these tend to break off separating from their legs which remain soldered to the board. I’ve used this part as a substitution without issue and it saves from having to scavenge parts from “parts” systems.

www.digikey. com/short/pw0ccb

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These parts can also be repaired depending on how they broke if it’s the wire it’s fixable with just a small bit of solder if it’s the plastic though it’s not so fixable

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basically they are repairable, yes. But, in most cases it’s just not feasible. Those inductors cost around a dollar/euro. Considering the cost of your own time and possible repair returns due to those fixed inductors it usually is not worth repairing it. At least that’s my opinion. There are also inductors from other manufacturers that do fit, too. But that one seems to fit fine, too :slight_smile:

It’s feasible if you don’t know where to get the bloody thing those coils are so hard to find it’s not funny

Looks like Digikey has them in the states for less that 2 dollars. Thank you, Rudiemcska.

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Is this about it?

TPD2E1B06Dual-ChannelHigh-SpeedESD Protection Device for USB Interfaces

These are inductors? Not diodes like in your link… Are we talking about the same thing?

We’re talking about this right?

Or the one in the second picture?

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from the link and description in the original post I’d say we’re talking about the inductor in the second picture.