[INFO] Board diagram and part numbers

Here’s some photos of the Nintendo Switch mainboard, the dock board and cartridge board.
The chip part numbers can be found by referring to the diagrams.
Hopefully this helps all who need it!

– Nintendo Switch Main Board


– Dock board

– Cartridge board


Hey there,

Wow, that is amazing. Thank you very much for sharing it.
You don’t happen to know a place I can get further details for these images like values of the components surrounding the marked chips?

Thanks for posting this. This will be really helpful for people looking for this in the future.

I found this on another forum and I hope to use the community on this forum. Thanks to the user @ SolidSnakeUk89 !



In Picture 10 and 11 the mainboard is divided into sections with ABC - 123 etc. Do descriptions with values ​​exist?