[INFO] Board diagram and part numbers

Here’s some photos of the Nintendo Switch mainboard, the dock board and cartridge board.
The chip part numbers can be found by referring to the diagrams.
Hopefully this helps all who need it!

– Nintendo Switch Main Board


– Dock board

– Cartridge board


Hey there,

Wow, that is amazing. Thank you very much for sharing it.
You don’t happen to know a place I can get further details for these images like values of the components surrounding the marked chips?

Thanks for posting this. This will be really helpful for people looking for this in the future.

I found this on another forum and I hope to use the community on this forum. Thanks to the user @ SolidSnakeUk89 !



In Picture 10 and 11 the mainboard is divided into sections with ABC - 123 etc. Do descriptions with values ​​exist?

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Thanks for the sharing. I really appreciate it.

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Thank you for information, very helpful!

In 15th photo, what components is that under the joycon flat connector, left side of that black smd (mosfet?). Is that a cap? It’s involved in audio trace?

Does anyone know the part numbers for the the two diodes around the LCD Driver BGA IC BD8316GWL? Cheers!

A possible way to get this infos:

  1. Googlesearch: BD8316GWL → Rohm Datasheet (https://fscdn.rohm.com/en/products/databook/datasheet/ic/power/switching_regulator/bd8316gwl-e.pdf)
  2. On page 11 there are two Examples of Applications where the needed extern components are shown.
  3. In this case the needed components are Shottky barrier diodes and named RSX101VA-30 →
    This are also components from Rohm: https://fscdn.rohm.com/en/products/databook/datasheet-nrnd/discrete/diode/schottky_barrier/rsx101va-30.pdf

Hey Calvin, thanks for that.

I did that exact same DD but the part that the datasheet calls out is much larger than the diode on the switch in form factor, so i believe we need to find an ~30V/1A in a 0402 SMD form-factor. I couldn’t find anything with that current capacity but I believe in our application that 30V 200ma should be more than enough so I’m going to give one of these a shot: CDBQR43

I forgot that I had already figured out which shottky barrier diode is used. It is a NSR05F40 from ON.

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Nice, I had looked at that one but thought it might be overkill. Appreciate your help!

Hey guys.
Can someone please help me identify all the capacitors/inductors next to the MAX77621 chip, in the black circle? Can’t seem to find anything on the internet.

can’t figure out how to attach the image, it’s the max77621 chip next to the sd card connector

Alguien me puede ayudar identificando el nombre y el valor de este componente que me falta

please valeur component

Hello friends, can someone help me identify component?

Mariko board 5v Step-Up converter on the chip marked as +ajz841.

Somewhere found that it is MAX8969, but seems that it is not true, because it’s marked as +ajz222 and pinout no correct.

This IC is for fan and joy-con charging.

+AJZ *** bottom 3digits are the date code, they all MAX8969EWL50+
where +ALJ is MAX8969EWL53+

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