Injected fusee, froze on atmosphere splash screen, now won't boot into ofw, cfw, or rcm. Seems bricked

So I got a switch about two years ago that came in a lot of retro games and consoles and it was given to me as non working. I opened it up and cleaned it up and got it to work great in handheld mode but it wouldn’t output HDMI (I tested it with multiple docks and used other console in the same dock so definitely the system not a dock issue) but I never worried about it just modded it with an emunand and played in handheld mode. It’s worked great for a year or two then a buddy had me repair his switch that had water damage so I decided to pop mine open and check the USB port and check the traces and everything just to see if anything stuck out that could be the reason the HDMI wasn’t working but seemed ok so I put it back together and booted it into rcm mode, injected fusee, and tried to boot up but it froze on the atmosphere splash screen for a long time so I held the power button down to shut it off and now it’s acting like it’s completely dead. It won’t boot normally or into rcm mode or anything. I tried charging it for hours, opened it back up and disconnected the battery and reconnected it then tried again, and tried seeing if it was in auto rcm but won’t show up on my laptop or android phone which I’ve used both to inject payloads. Does anyone know what the issue could be and how I could narrow it down to the cause of the problem or how to fix it? I’ve done thousands of repairs and hard mods from old retro consoles to ps4’s to every handheld from Gameboy to 3ds and vita so I’m fairly competent but switch is the console I’ve messed with the least but I want to get it fixed so my daughter will stop begging to play Mario lol. Any help is appreciated.

Are you sure it isn’t on but not displaying? As you cant connect to a TV its easy to think its dead when its actually on. Easiest way to tell is with a USB ammeter so see what it is drawing. But you can try and see if you are getting any sound when you tap the screen etc.

If it is display only, check the LCD connector, they are easy to damage. Otherwise it’s hard to say for sure, but I would check all the areas you were probing to see if anything has been damaged.

It’s definitely not on. If it was the yellow light on the dock showing it’s in tv mode would come on. I’ve also tested the board in a different switch with a different screen and nothing. No clicks when I tap the screen or buttons like I’m trying to unlock it or anything. Can’t boot into rcm either can’t get it to do anything. I’ve checked for shorts around the m92 chip too and don’t see any. Voltage is good around that chip as well.

I also left it on for a little without the heatsink on and it didn’t heat up at all and the fan didn’t kick on either. I checked around the board with an ir temp gun and it was all same temp everywhere so didn’t heat up even the slightest. I tried another battery too that is fully charged and known to work and tried it while plugged in too

When I say I left it on I mean I plugged the battery and charging cable in and hit the power so if it was turning on it would of been on at that point so just left it to see if it heats up or fan kicks on or anything happens. I don’t have an ammeter. Anyway I can achieve the same results testing with a multimeter as opposed to an ammeter? Pretty sure the ammeter doesn’t check anything that I can’t with my multimeter. I’ve got the Klein cl380

An Ammerter measures current draw, which needs to be done in series so cant be done with probes on a multimeter easily. They are pretty cheap though.