Interesting power issue?

So I have a ps4 origional. It has the copper pad power and eject buttons. If I press the eject it works but the power button does not. I’ve been doing days of research and nothing has worked yet and this has me very intrigued. I would love some input. I have replaced the power supply in case that was it and done some research on if there was a schematic of where the power button goes to send the signal to turn on but can not figure it out. Any thoughts???

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Assuming that this isn’t an issue with the metal tab on the case?

If not I’d trace back the pad on the board to the IC… if i remember right though the IC is pretty close by.

Most of the time though it’s that metal tab not making contacts that is the problem.

I would assume the same but If I touch it it does not beep if I touch the eject it beeps 3 times and a disc will not turn it not neither will the controller hence why I’m very confused :joy:

Oh, so the console doesn’t boot normally then? i was under the impression the console was otherwise working.

If yes, then that presents a completely different diagnosis and fault

Hense why I’m very confused. Was trying to find some schematic for the power button and try to trip it another way to see if it even turns on. If you know what I mean.

Yeah, in your case this is likely not power button related at all. Instead it’s another issue.

I forget PS4 voltages off the top of my head and could be wrong but from memory if your getting beeps when pressing eject then it indicates the board is deriving 5V from the PSU which is good, again from memory the other primary voltage from the PSU is 12V so you should ensure your getting that on the board.

After do a visual inspection of the board.

After test with a meter for any shorts etc.

MyMateVince has done several repair videos from memory which you may find helpful during diagnosis

If you happen to find a solution or work through please let me know I have the same issue, was doing a hdmi port replacement, device powered on and everything for testing after the replacement port was put on only the eject button works.

That indicates a possible bridge on your hdmi connector, remove it and see if the console powers on normally

You can take photos if you want me to inspect