Intermittent hdd issue

Xbox One X had increasing issues 4 months ago. Games wouldn’t load, freezing/crashing, unable to save games or progress. This usually was accompanied by E101, 102, and 105 error codes. Factory resets would fix it, but the console would work for an ever decreasing amount of time before the issue popped back up.

I eventually replaced the hdd with an oem replacement that was from a know good system (I still had to wipe and reformat the drive). That solved the issues for probably 2 months. Now it will occasionally freeze during a game and need to be shutdown. On restart it might freeze on the green startup screen or give an E105, 106, or 108. Unplugging the system for 5-10 minutes is successful most times on the first try. But the frequency of issues does seem to be on the rise again.

Does anyone have any experience with something like this? It’s certainly possible, but I’m less inclined to think I have two bad HD’s in a row. Could this be a bios issue? Bad capacitors somewhere in the hdd power supply? A cold solder joint on a connector? Xbox was manufactured by a voodoo witch doctor?


Test the drive first… that would be the first step…