Internet connections issue

My PS4 Pro works fine but there is a minor issue with the internet, my internet works fine for all my devices but once I turn my PS4 Pro on it is disconnected from the internet it never connects until I go in network settings and run a internet connection test if I don’t run this test the console will never connect to the internet. I am unsure if this is a software or hardware fault.

maybe some sort of IP conflict with another device in the house (?)

Might be worth setting the IP manually to rule it out.

I’ll try this see what happens

No luck I gave my ps4 a static ip address and the issue still persists, even went to port forward the ports Sony wants you to and it still does it. Forgot to mention I’m using 2g it also occurs on 5g and it gives me the error code CE-38706-4 every time I turn my ps4 on.

Speaking of ports I have no clue if I did it correctly Sony says the following ports
TCP: 80, 443, 3478, 3479, 3480
UDP: 3478, 3479

This is what I put in

There was multiple boxes to enter the port and my router wouldn’t let me apply changes unless each box was filled so I just put the same ports for everything. The private ip is the ip associated with my ps4 I have that censored in case that is something that shouldn’t be shared