Is it even worth it to fix this now?

I took it apart fully to clean it. The noise got unbearable but I could still play it fine, no overheating. Well I broke the fan cable plastic piece that attaches to the motherboard, on top of that I have a leftover thing from my somewhere( including pictures for both) which looks to be some sorta gear with a spring but my disk drive seems to moving fine. If I can attach pictures throughout then process I will, but I really don’t wanna just throw away money for new fans and disc drives that aren’t assured to work properly. My question would be. Would electrical tape fix the fan wire issue. The plug that attaches isn’t broke just the pieces that hold the wires in place. I’m fine with jerry rigging as long as it’s safe.

Never mind I can’t embed media items in post but if you have email I can email it to a throwaway account and I’m not trying to bombard your email.

I just wanna know if it’s screwed the way I’m thinking I can do it by just electrical taping the outside of the wires, or if there’s any way around buying cheap knock off fans on Amazon. Or spending 100 that I could save for a new system. It would suck to lose this system. I love my sports games. But I got a gaming laptop, with a geek squad warranty for another year, and maybe by then ps5s will be stocked. What would you guys do from here? I’m cool to buy a soldering tool and thermal paste. I can use that for other things. But I’m not cool buying a bunch of parts and something else go out, especially since I got angry and tossed it in a bag all the parts together on the concrete porch. But motherboard looks to be intact and so does power supply and disc drive as well. I just don’t know where that spring goes, or what to do with the fan. And all my repair places says soldering isn’t assured. But I’d rather take my chances short my own PS4 out with a extinguisher handy then give it to someone that’s going charge me 100+ to do some simple fixes. That or just do without a console. It’s been a good console I don’t wanna let go of it. But I’m not willing to spend, 100 fixing it (soldering tools, and thermal paste id count towards fixing other things) and I do have some soldering experience on cars and a family member who could help make sure it’s right if need be. What would you guys do? Spend all day trying to fix it or just say she’s done cause I’m not spending more then 40 on parts. The disc drive has been going out, the button don’t even work I have to eject through the menu but most my games are digital. So that’s no issue. I’ll just save my hard drive if it’s trash

It won’t let me link or post pictures so idk what to say or do

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