Is it possible to replace eMMC module without backups?

Hey there, so I bought a broken switch off of eBay with the intention of fixing it. As it turns out it was missing the eMMC module so I was wondering if it’d be possible to just insert an eMMC module I’ve got from a donor board and somehow flash it (if that’s the correct term) so that the eMMC can effectively work with the switch? I’ve got no nand backups for this switch and from what I’ve seen online is that it’s possible but nand backups are required. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Short answer is no unfortunately not without prior backups or the BIS keys (which you would have had to have backed up when the EMMC module was still present)

As far as I remember there is ways to use a donor EMMC providing you have the original board this EMMC was paired with… but it’s a robbing peter to pay paul situation, both of the boards would have to be unpatched/modchipped and afair you’d constantly have to boot via RCM then Hekate, neither would be usable with any Nintendo online service afaik… but I may be remembering wrong

Think this guy has done a couple of vids on the subject

For the method you mentioned. From memory. You would need the rawbin and prod.keys of a working switch. And you practically just sign the prod.keys of the broken switch with the donor rawbin. When booted up, there will be no serial number and no access to Nintendo online server. I am working on one now but since it’s a clients patch switch ( probably care about going online). I am not even sure if it is worth it to even fix it (no serial number) . Imo, if it is unpatch switch then it’s definitely worth it to be fixed.

Hey there, thanks for the insight and clarification. I’ve decided to just use this board as a donor for future repairs.